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Firework Eagle Wyrm

Firework Eagle Wyrm

Firework Eagle Wyrm came about because of a fabulous sample of extra-long multicolored faux fur that I acquired. The sample was big enough to make this Eagle Wyrm’s mane and tail from, and became the basis for its color scheme, which includes iridescent green and metallic gold accents.

Eagle Wyrms make excellent guards for your office, bedroom, treasure chest, model ship, or whatever else you have that could use a small, sharp-eyed dragon to watch over it. Eagle Wyrms can also be posed to sit on your shoulder.

Eagle Wyrms are dragon creatures from my imagination and have resin cast heads, and polymer clay claws & spikes. Their sewn & stuffed bodies are fully wired and very posable. Their manes and tails are made of synthetic fur. All painting is done with acrylics, and the resin and clay parts are sealed with polyurethane finishes. Eagle Wyrms are approximately 40cm (16”) long with a 31cm (12”) wingspan. They come in two types, short-browed and long-browed, each with a slightly different wing shape.

Fruit-Bat-Phoenix creations are always created in a smoke and pet free environment.

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