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PYO Blank Fancy Bird Skulls

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PYO Blank Fancy Bird Skulls

UK customers only: please read “UK Customers” in the pages section of this shop BEFORE purchasing this item. Thanks!

This listing is for one blank paint-your-own decorative fantasy bird skull, cast in white polyurethane resin from a mold of my original Monster Clay sculpt. These skulls measure just a tad bit over 2” long (about 5.5cm). As shown in the photos, they are detailed on all sides.

Your skull will arrive already primed and ready to paint! I recommend using acrylic paints followed by a water-based polyurethane varnish. Varathane is a good brand of the latter. Any decent quality acrylic should do fine. If you want to modify your skull, or incorporate it into a larger artwork, Apoxie Sculpt is a good product to use. Cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) is also good if a less voluminous attachment is desired. Liquid epoxies are fine too.

Very slight variations between skulls are normal. (Due to the molding process, I have to rebuild the beak tips with Apoxie Sculpt. When sanding them back into shape, I varied the curve on some of them.) A few extremely small air bubbles (0.3-0.5mm max) may be present on some casts - if these bother you, they may be filled with a tiny dot of super glue and sanded when dry, or they may be small enough that they will be filled by painting. (I cast without a pressure pot, and a few bubbles are unavoidable.)

It’s totally cool if you want to sell your finished product! Please credit me as the original sculptor of the skull if you do. It is NOT ok to recast these skulls, nor is it ok to claim that you sculpted them.

PYO blank skulls are ready to go and will ship within several days of your order.

Fruit-Bat-Phoenix creations are always created in a smoke and pet free home and will typically be shipped in reused/recycled packaging.

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