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UK Customers

UK customers only: Your order must be AT LEAST £135 (~ $182.14 USD as of March 2021) otherwise I cannot ship to you. Orders totaling more than £135 are not affected!!

To clarify: Yes, you can combine multiple items for a total order value of £135 or more.

Here’s why: As you may be aware, a new VAT tax was implemented in 2021. What it does is make me (a shop based outside the UK) have to pay the UK government a 20% VAT tax for anything a UK-based customer buys that is valued less than £135. This must be done quarterly. I don’t currently have enough sales volume to warrant the hassle of setting up and maintaining the necessary account to do this, especially when most of my goods are more expensive anyway.

If you have your heart set on buying something that is less than £135, please email me at [email protected] - there may be a way we can make this work. (I believe Etsy will automatically pay the VAT for me, so perhaps I can use my old Etsy shop to sell the item to you!) (I don’t like how Etsy’s fees have changed in recent years, which is why I switched to using Big Cartel to host my shop; however, I’m cool with using Etsy as an occasional thing in this circumstance.)